BUSINESSTODAY.ID – This year is a good moment for investors who wish to enter the national online media business.

Not only because this year is a political year as there is a lot of interesting contents for the public to read.

But there are still wide business opportunities that have not been touched by the online media business that exists today.

There are around 5,000 or even more in existence, but less than 100 are performing well financially as online media business entities.

“This is happening because in large part due to a paradigm miscue in managing the online media business,” said Budi Purnomo Karjodihardjo, Founder of Hallo Media Network (HMN).

Budi Purnomo said that the online media business consists of contents and advertisements, whose paradigm has now changed drastically from the print media business in the past.

For now, online content media, in order to achieve, must refer to the Google search engine, because Google has become the largest advertising agency in almost all countries.

Almost all online business media work with Google, while those which are not online media business also advertise through the Google search platform.

Advertisers will see the suitable matrix to take up space to place their advertisements through digital mass media.

Likewise, paid Press Releases and Content Placement also seek to place message materials in the right online media.

So, if you are an investor who wishes to benefit from an online media business like other business entities in general, you can contact HMN.

“We are ready to provide technical assistance, digital business concepts and support to investors who wish to manage, own online business media in a professional manner.

Contact HMN via WhatsApp Center: 0855-7777888. Thank You.***